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Jessica Stilling

Jessica Stilling is the author of four novels. She writes literary fiction under the pen name Jessica Stilling and Science Fiction and Fantasy under the pen name JM Stephen. He work has appeared in many publications including Bust Magazine, The Ms. Magazine Blog and The Writer. 

"Stilling’s take on this familiar tale is provocative and poignant, rich with emotion and powerfully described, laced with profound contemplation about dying too soon and growing up too quickly."

- Publisher's Weekly


"At turns happy and unbearably sad, Betwixt and Between is a beautifully realized re-imagining of a classic story that will enchant readers as the original did. "

- Booklist starred review 

"Stilling's insightful connections, imagery-rich prose, and compassionate exploration of her characters will stay with you long after this novel ends." 

- Kate Angus, author of So Late to the Party

"An elegantly-crafted and brave tale of the struggle of the artist against betrayal, madness, and myth. Haunted throughout by the legacy of Sylvia Plath, The Beekeeper's Daughter mingles fact and fiction, past and present, into a story that you won't want to put down." 

- Danny Goldberg, author of Serving the Servants: Remembering Kurt Cobain