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Recently Published Work

Snowy Woods
Fire in My Mouth
Bust Magazine Blog
This review/article explores Julia Wolfe's new symphonic piece, debuted at the New York Philharmonic last year. Wolfe symphony explores the tragedy of the Triangle Fire in New York City thought a feminist and social justice lens. This article is an interview with the composer as well as a look into the history of the Triangle Fire. 
It Turns Out Women Have Been Asking For It - A look at the Gender Pay Gap
Bust Magazine Blog
This article examines the old adage that women simply do not ask for their raises. This article explores several studies which prove that idea to be false and that the gender pay gap has far reaching consequences. 

Failing to Find Seurat
Wasafiri 2012


A short story that follows a blind ballet dancer and American tourist, a Hatian immigrant, two disgruntaled teenagers and a host of Frech Preschool students as they begin to understand the interconnectedness of the univese through a walk along the Seine just outside of Paris.

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